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Caines Head: A Forgotten Piece of Alaskan History

The planning of this trip began with an innocent comment made by an individual that has never volunteered to go out and sleep in the woods upon entering adulthood. He pitched me the idea of heading up north to go winter camping by Byer’s Lake, and I was shocked that he even suggested the idea. I was onboard immediately. I did some research, and actually stumbled upon, which gave me results of all the public-use cabins around Alaska. While looking at the Byer’s Lake cabins, I brought up the cabins beyond Lowell Point in Seward. For the average Anchorage-dweller, Byer’s Lake seems like quite the adventure, but my mind got set on the Derby Cove Cabin which is located...

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I Fought A Glacier and Won

Before I became “patient zero” at Alpine Fit, my love for the outdoors was born out of a sense of personal growth and accomplishment. I like who I am as a person when I have 40lbs strapped around my iliac crests. That woman is unstoppable, and unbreakable. The Bomber Traverse is not for the faint of heart. It is an eighteen mile trek with a 5,500 ft elevation change, two glacier crossings, and the witness of a plane crash site that took six lives. To be completely honest, I took a tinder date on a crazy hike that nobody else would attempt with me, and I stand here today a better person for it. We started out with the intention...

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Adventuring in Prince William Sound from Whittier to Valdez, Alaska

In the summer of 2017, Hale and I set off on a much-anticipated sea kayak adventure in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The plan, Whittier to Valdez Alaska, and journey up as many inlets and around as many islands as time would allow in a more than ample budget of 3 weeks. We are seasoned independent kayak expeditioners, having completed a 3-week 175-mile trip from Hoonah to Sitka on the outer coast of Alaska, self-guided, with paper charts, back in 2009, and another 12-day trip to Yakobi and Taylor Bay two years later.  But this was our first long trip on the water in years - 5 years living abroad in Ireland, and 2 kids later - we were stoked. Friends...

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