Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool
Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool
Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool
Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool
Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool

Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool

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These tops were so popular at our pre-launch events, we were sold out before we could even put them online!

  • Made with soft, breathable, lightweight Merino wool
  • Designed for a variety of outdoor activities
  • Fit options for different body proportions - check out our "Your Alpine Fit" Size Guide!
  • Made in Alaska & Made in USA

A more recent addition to our collection, the Firn Line Long Sleeve shirt is the perfect, cozy, winter-weight base layer. Made of super soft 100% merino wool, the Firn Line is sure to keep you warm and dry, whether you’re having a quick after-work ski or are planning a weeks-long getaway. With a flattering crew neckline, full length sleeves, and plenty of room in the torso, this top is not only functional, but stylish and comfortable, too!

We love anticipating your future needs and putting the feedback we receive into action. We work hard to combine both to make versatile gear for your adventures.

Our 100% Merino wool is lightweight and breathable, but soft and warm enough to keep you cozy from the early chills of fall through the frigid temps of winter. Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant and a great natural fiber option. Our wool is ethically produced from non-mulesed merino wool sheep.

We take inspiration from the Alaskan wilderness in our designs, while also ensuring that our color options are versatile to pair with your other favorite outdoor gear! The prints featured on our products are segments cut from a larger printed work, making each garment unique.

We offer two fits for different body proportions: Azalea and Wild Iris. If you're looking for a top with a smaller waist and upper hip, and more room in the bust and lower hip, then Azalea is the fit for you! If you're looking for a straighter fit, with similar dimensions from the shoulders to the waist to the hips, then you'll love the Wild Iris! For more details on our fit options please reference the "Your Alpine Fit" Size Guide for measurements and helpful diagrams, and feel free to contact us!

Made in Alaska & Made in USA. This product is an official Made in Alaska product, manufactured in our industrial sewing shop in Anchorage!


Fabric Content

100% Merino Wool

Exclusive of trim

Product weight: 5 oz


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