Merino Wool Lined Face Mask


Style: Adult-Stripe
Sale price$30.00


    Adult $30 / Kids $22
  • Merino wool lined for soft, next-to-skin comfort in cold and wet conditions, naturally odor resistant
  • Great for winter outdoor activities in busy places or where masks are required like nordic skiing events, downhill skiing, trailheads, busy trails and wearing around town
  • Made in Alaska, Made in USA

Our Merino Lined Face masks have been so popular by word of mouth, we just had to get them online for you. Last winter, friends placed bulk orders for themselves, their friends and their kiddos involved in outdoor activities where face masks are required! These little beauties are comfortable next to the skin even in cold wet conditions! Merino wool has a natural ability to be insulating even when wet. It definitely beats out cotton masks that freeze when you need to be outside breathing into fabric on your face. Prior to launch over 100 (!) of these masks have been tried and tested by Jr. Nordic kids, ski and bike coaches, hockey players and outdoor recreation goers. You will still breathe into it (that's what facecoverings are meant to be there for)- so the fabric will still get the moisture from your breath - it just deals with it a whole lot better than other fabric options out there for wearing on your face for hours!


Moisture wicking quick dry fabric on the outside to help get some of that moisture dried as fast as possible. The lining made from 100% Merino wool is lightweight, soft and warm. Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant and a great natural fiber option. Our wool is ethically produced from non-mulesed merino wool sheep.

Red and Blue exterior fabrics are lighter weight and thus quicker drying, but still plenty warm.

Solid Black and Black&White Stripe exterior fabrics are a bit heavier/cozier exterior, but still moisture wicking!


The fabrics are stretchy and accommodate a wide range of face sizes together with our fully adjustable length ear loops. We make an adult size for teens through adult, and a child size that works from 5-12. Some younger kiddos have worn our child size masks too, just snug up the ear loops! 


Exterior: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

Interior: 100% Merino Wool

Adult mask has the Alpine Fit Alaska label, kids masks feature the mama and baby bear Made in Alaska label - too cute!

This product is an official Made in Alaska product, manufactured at our workshop here in Anchorage!

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Mask up for ski days!

Love this mask! I have worn it skiing for 6-8 hours at a time and it never freezes, even in sub 20 temperatures. The wool feels nice against the fast and the war loops make the mask infinitely adjustable. Tucked under my goggles I can wear the mask all day without any fogging, a true win!

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