Traverse Headband


Color: Purple Mountain

Sale price$20.00


  • Silver fiber fabric for odor control!
  • UPF 50+ for sun protection!
  • Great for skiing, hiking, biking, running, hunting, etc!
  • Made in Anchorage, Alaska

We prototyped a ton of iterations to make you a great fitting headband made from our soft supple signature anti-microbia quick dryingl Sterling™ fabric. The prints we present on our products are segments cut from a larger printed work of art making each garment unique. This means that the segment of print shown in photos will differ slightly on yours and anyone else's.


Our Sterling™ fabric contains antimicrobial silver fibers, so you can wear it multiple times between washes without building up odor. This luxurious fabric is also quick drying and cottony soft to the touch, so it can be worn all day for outdoor fitness, recreation and comfort! UPF 50+ for sun protection!


Snug enough to stay on your head, loose enough for that just right feeling. 3" tall 19" in circumference plus stretch!


83% Polyester
9% XT2® Polyester
8% Lycra® Spandex
contains silver

Weight: 1 oz

This product is an official Made in Alaska product, manufactured at our workshop here in Anchorage!

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