Women's Lost Lake Short Sleeve

Color: Autumn Alder Red
Size: XS
Fit: Azalea Fit
Sale price$59.00


  • Silver fiber fabric for odor control!
  • Sun protection UPF 50+
  • Great for hiking, running, biking, around town, and camping
  • Fit options for different body proportions
  • Made in Alaska, Made in USA

That one item that can kind of do it all. From around town to sweaty pursuits, the Lost Lake Short Sleeve shirt is a multi-functional hiking and shoulder season activity go-to!


Our Sterling™ fabric contains antimicrobial silver fibers, so you can wear it multiple times between washes without building up odor. This luxurious fabric is also quick drying and cottony soft to the touch, so it can be worn all day for outdoor fitness, recreation and comfort! UPF 50+ for sun protection!


We offer fit options! Wild Iris for a more straight/square frame shape. Azalea for a curvier shape. Refer to Your Alpine Fit for more info.


83% Polyester
9% XT2® Polyester
8% Lycra® Spandex
contains silver

Weight: 4 oz (size M)

This product is an official Made in Alaska product, manufactured at our workshop here in Anchorage!



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