Update 3/29/2020

We are working on facemasks and produced nearly 400 in the first week! We continue to produce facemasks made out of two layers of cotton tight woven material with an internal pocket for adding filter material and a contouring wire over the nose for optimal fit. This is not the optimal solution for frontline healthcare workers, but a cost effective intervention option especially for everyday people to avail of to save the limited supply of surgical and medical grade masks for those in healthcare. We are working with the local healthcare system to find a viable solution for frontline healthcare providers that would be optimal for their use. We are additionally working on production of other needed items like caps for wear under face shields.

Our cotton facemasks with filter pocket and contouring adjustable nose shape are now available online for ordering! We can mail these out or arrange pick up in Anchorage with social distancing measures in effect. We are making these at cost and hope to make between 500-1000 this week in addition to working on our other projects. Thank you for all of the overwhelming positive comments and support. 

For special inquiries and orders made to specifications, please continue to email with the subject FACE MASK ORDER, or PPE ORDER in the subject line. 


Update 3/23/2020

Stay tuned on what Alpine Fit has been doing. In short, we have converted our sewn product manufacturing space in Anchorage, Alaska - where we normally make our outdoor apparel and accessories - to making face masks. This is due to the nationwide demand for protective-wear.

If you are interested in ordering face masks, please contact (note, that is .co, not .com!) with the details FACE MASK ORDER in the subject line. 

We will try to post pictures and details, and possibly the ability to order online soon. For now, we need to make more faster!

If you are interested in ordering our regular products, those items are still available to order online through our website.

Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Alpine Fit

Made in USA & Made in Alaska

Take care.

-Jen and the Alpine Fit Team



Begin investigating mask making to address limited stockpile and nation-wide shortage.