Autumn Alder Red Alpine Fit Long Sleeve
Autumn Alder Red Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Back
Glacial Teal Alpine Fit Long Sleeve
Glacial Teal Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Back
Bering Sea Blue Alpine Fit Long Sleeve
Bering Sea Blue Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Back
Coho Salmon Silver Alpine Fit Long Sleeve
Coho Salmon Silver Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Back
Obsidian Cove Black Alpine Fit Long Sleeve
Obsidian Cove Black Alpine Fit Long Sleeve Back

Alpine Forest Long Sleeve

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Our flagship top, with a unique segment of print artwork featured on the inner forearms. 

Imagine a base layer that keeps you toasty during the transitional seasons and all winter long. One that fits perfectly and contours with your body like the next to skin layer it was brought into this world to be. The fabric is buttery soft and the seams are built to withstand each and every adventure you seek out. A base layer with strategically placed printed fabric artwork that sets you apart in a crowd and will always be unique on each product we create. We have worked tirelessly to achieve this seemingly impossible standard, and now we’re presenting it to you. This is the latest edition of our beloved base layer, which is physical in-your-hands proof of the many hours of hard work, sweat, and wear testing that went into making your constructive feedback a reality.

We pride ourselves on being a brand that not only listens to the feedback we receive, but one that uses it and proactively anticipates additional design innovations. So, we improved our primary base layer with nods to comments from you, our adventurers. We enhanced several fit aspects, making incremental adjustments to our pattern with care to how the fabric and seams rest on your body. We also sourced optimal thread and fine-tuned our machines to ensure the optimal outcome.

This top features all of the aspects that wear testers love!

The silver fiber containing fabric that we use to create our base layers will retain its inherently antimicrobial (anti-odor) properties for years to come. The luxurious, athletic fabric acts as your favorite second skin. Our Alaskan inspired color palettes are designed to pair perfectly with your bottom layer of choice. The prints we present on our products are segments cut from a larger printed work of art making each garment unique. This means that the segment of print shown in photos will differ from your garment and anyone else who has one.

We offer two fits for different body proportions, Wild Iris and Azalea. If you identify with having a bit less of a defined hip or less defined waist body shape, you will likely enjoy the way Wild Iris flatters your frame. Azalea is likely the fit for you if you identify with having a more defined hip compared to your waist, or waist compared to your bust. If you are ever unsure about your preferred fit, please reference our size and fit page, linked below.

Size Chart

We are proud that these products are Made in the U.S.A. Additionally, colors Bering Sea Blue and Autumn Alder Red are official Made in Alaska products. 

Fabric content:
83% Polyester
9% XT2® Polyester
8% Lycra® Spandex
contains silver 

Product Weight: 5.3oz (152g)

We are constantly making more, so if we do not currently have your size/fit in stock, please check back often, or let us know!