Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool
Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool
Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool

Firn Line Long Sleeve Merino Wool

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Introducing our Merino Wool Firn Line Long Sleeve. This base layer top was so popular at our pre-launch events before the holidays that we sold out before we could even launch it online!

Merino wool, fits for different body proportions, flattering style lines, crew-neck-esque neckline and naturally odor resistant. Basically all of our favorite features plus a perfected fit for the properties of our merino wool fabric.

Reminder – we make fits for different body proportions!

Azalea fit is designed for body proportions with a more defined hip/waist shape. Some women might describe their typical “fit challenge” as getting the fit in the hips/glutes without it gaping at the waist – a challenge we address! Our Azalea fit takes the more distinct hip measurement compared to waist measurement (and/or bust compared to waist) and accounts for these frame differences to optimize the style lines and actual garment proportions for you.

Wild Iris fit – a more similar measurement from hip to waist to bust – some women might describe their fit challenge as finding something that fits on the hips but not being too tight on the waist, or wish the waist of the shirt was a bit higher. Our Wild Iris fit takes this less distinct hip shape (or some might say high hip shape) into account and we have optimized the style lines and actual garment proportions for you!

For more info on our fits and diagrams click here.

The Merino Wool Firn Line Long Sleeve is ideal for a multitude of outdoor pursuits and extended trips. Whether you are biking, trail running, hiking, skiing or spending time with your family on the trail, the moisture transporting and naturally odor-resistant properties of our Merino Wool will keep you comfortable on your adventure.

Official Made in Alaska product, made in our studio/workshop in Anchorage. 

Fabric Content

100% Merino Wool

Exclusive of trim

Weight 5 oz