Men's Treeline Long Sleeve
Men's Treeline Long Sleeve
Men's Treeline Long Sleeve
Men's Treeline Long Sleeve

Men's Treeline Long Sleeve

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The highly anticipated, much requested addition to the collection. The first production run sold right off the production floor!

In the tradition of our technical anti-odor multi-day multi-use designs, this base layer keeps you toasty during the transitional seasons and all winter long. One that fits comfortably and well, and is that great next-to-skin layer it was designed to be. The fabric is that just right weight that is soft and light but does not look thin. It insulates in cool temps and dries very quick between sweat sessions. 

We choose to feature print artwork on our products for a unique look. This features glacier art on one inside forearm. The segment of print is cut from a larger work of art meaning each top is unique from another. 

We pride ourselves on being a brand that not only listens to the feedback we receive, but one that uses it and proactively anticipates additional design innovations. After a few iterations of prototypes, we finally landed on that intersection of functional fit, and great looking style lines.

This top features all of the aspects that wear testers love!

Our silver fiber Sterling™ containing fabric that we use to create our base layers will retain its inherently antimicrobial (anti-odor) properties for the entire life of the garment. The luxurious, athletic fabric acts as your favorite second skin. Our Alaskan inspired color palettes are designed to pair perfectly with your bottom layer of choice. 

We offer two fits for different body proportions, Granite Fit and Cinder Fit. If you want to have a more tapered fit from shoulder/chest to waist, the Cinder Fit is likely for you. If you identify with a slightly less tapered fit from shoulder/chest to waist, the Granite Fit is likely your preference. These are not necessarily "relaxed fit" and "athletic fit" - they are actually designed to fit different body proportions to give options for the diverse body shapes of the outdoor loving community. Please refer to our size chart for further detail!

Size Chart

Made in our studio/workshop in Anchorage, Alaska. Official Made in Alaska products!

Fabric content:
83% Polyester
9% XT2® Polyester
8% Lycra® Spandex
contains silver 

Product Weight: 7.5 oz (213g) - size L