We are a group of outdoor loving, hard workers, committed to values and products in line with our vision for life. We welcome you to thrive outside. We offer fits for different body proportions, technical odor resistant fabrics to keep your clothes fresher for longer adventures, and we believe in sourcing responsibly and production in the U.S.A. From design to field testing in Alaska - our products are built for the outdoors, and wherever your daily or multi week adventure takes you.


We are proud to offer products that are certified




alpinefit.co-Jennifer Loofbourrow

Jennifer Loofbourrow

"At the helm"

Origin: Canada

Favorite Hobbies: Hiking, skiing of all sorts, trail running, and paddling adventures

Fun Facts:

  • Has traveled to many countries, and lived for at least 5 years in 3

  • Has a little outdoor adventuring family: 2 kids, husband, and dog Willow

  • Has a degree in Chemistry (all part of loving technical fabrics and making stuff)

  • Her R&R is outdoor time - vacations are backcountry trips, date nights are hikes and skis, social time with friends is outdoor adventuring - you name it, she would choose to be outside


Deborah Johnston

"Wolfpack Leader"

Origin: 75 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska

Favorite Hobbies: Biking, skiing, or backpacking across Alaska

Fun Facts:

  • Pursuing a bachelors degree at the University of Alaska Anchorage in Health Science

  • She’s 5’11 !

  • Her proudest accomplishments are the completion of Crow Pass and the Bomber Traverse

  • Her chocolate lab, Keira, accompanies her everywhere she goes


Kate Schwerman

"Computer 1"

Origin: Waukesha, Wisconsin (Cheesehead)

Favorite Hobbies: Running, hiking, camping, and reading by the fire

Fun Facts:

  •  Triple Major in Supply Chain Logistics Management, Economics and International Business

  • Has traveled to twenty-three Countries!

  • Studied abroad in Scotland and currently in an exchange program at UAA

  • Currently training for a marathon with her mom


Stevy Rojas

"Computer 2"

Origin: Anchorage, Alaska

Favorite Hobbies: Hiking, running, camping, dancing, and designing

Fun Facts:

  • Pursuing a B.B.A in Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Social Media Marketing at LIM College in NYC

  • Lived in NYC for two years

  • In the process of operating her own streetwear brand she created in 2018

  •  Wiz at adobe softwares and website building


Ryan Nye

"The dude”

Origin: Newport News, Virginia

Favorite Hobbies: Music, painting, cooking, hiking, and traveling

Fun Facts:

  • Lived in a school bus for two years

  • Was a tour guide in Savannah, Georgia

  • Has Visited forty-Seven of the Fifty States

  • Has been to all five Great Lakes


Amanda Gramer

  "Sewing Maven"

Origin: Seward, Alaska

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Sewing, Camping, Berry Picking

Fun Facts:

  • She lives with her loving husband and has two children (one grown up and one at home)

  •  She has a black lab and four guinea pigs!

  •  Loves nature but very afraid of bears

  •  Wishes to travel to Scotland one day 


Amy Johnson

Artist/Designer of Printed Fabric Artwork

Knik Glacier Collection:



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