It all began with working with a fiber supplier and fabric mill to develop our silver fabric we call Sterling™. It is the ultimate in outdoor year-round long trip adventuring fabric. It is quick drying, feels soft and supple on the skin (not sweaty plastic bag, not cold to the touch), it has silver IN the fibers of the yarn of the fabric, so it is permanently anti-microbial and therefore works to eliminate odors that we all have on our body when we start to sweat. Imagine, a quick dry top you can wear for a multi-day camping trip that continually works to combat your body odor? This is a fabric that I can wear as a sunshade top backpacking in the summer, to nordic skiing in 10F in the winter. It works for headbands it works for base layer bottoms. This is our flagship product line and fabric! We work with other great fibers as well. Read on to learn more! Thanks for your interest in the research and product development we do here at Alpine Fit!
Sterling™ - silver, odor eliminating fabric

 This fabric contains silver fibers which makes this product anti-odor and odor eliminating. Wear this product over & over again between washes without stink! The silver properties are permanent & will never wash out, even after years of use!


The silver is permanently in the fiber of the fabric - it is not a chemical that was washed in, so it will not wash out. The silver is uniquely combined with a quick drying fiber to give quick drying technical performance and is permanently anti-microbial. Wear tested on multi-day and multi-week camping trips in Alaska. Sterling™ passes the challenge of keeping body odor build up at bay.
Re-trace™ - recycled material fabric
We are proud to offer fabrics made from recycled fibers including recycled polyester and recycled nylon. We strive to responsibly source materials and refine sustainable practices, products, and packaging. We are continually enhancing our commitment to the environment, driven by our love of the outdoors!
Merino Wool - natural odor-resistant fabric
There’s so much good to say about merino wool that you may already know! Merino wool is such a miracle fiber, natural, odor-resistant, fine in texture and ultra soft, breathable and helps with temperature regulation. Our wool is ethically produced from non-mulesed merino wool sheep.
alpine fit wool closeup