Your Alpine Fit

Our distinct fit options are designed to fit your natural body shape. 

The Wild Iris Fit was created for women with less defined hips or less defined waist. Our Azalea Fit is made for women that have a more defined shape of the hip or glutes compared to the waist, or the waist compared to the bust.


In men's we offer the Granite Fit and Cinder Fit. If you want to have a more tapered fit from shoulder/chest to waist, the Cinder Fit is likely for you. If you identify with a slightly less tapered fit from shoulder/chest to waist, the Granite Fit is likely your preference. These are not necessarily "relaxed fit" and "athletic fit" - they are actually designed to fit different body proportions to give options for the diverse body shapes of the outdoor loving community. 


 We hope the outlined drawings help to determine which fit resonates more with you. If you have any questions, please let us know!